Marketing plan for Brainfog

During my course of Network Economy I learned a lot about marketing, especially how you can create a marketing plan. We had to make one for Network Economy itself and after that I decided I wanted to make one for Brainfog as well. It would be handy to determine my goals for 2019 and to think about strategies to reach more potential clients.

Here’s a small overview of the conclusions I came to:

  • The geographical selection is Belgium and the rest of the world. We’ll provide free shipping in Belgium and we’ll also sell on fairs all over Belgium. We need to advertise towards Belgian (and maybe European) people.
  • I researched how other illustrators / Etsy shops go to work. They mostly focus on ethical and ecological production.
  • Some of our strengths: very active on social media, very personal (clients can see how I go to work), we provide a lot of tutorials as well, unique pieces and limited edition, we want to make every order a nice experience by giving a sticker and a thank you note.
  • I need to collaborate with other companies as much as possible.
  • Promotions in blogs or magazines are also worth it, but they need to be very specific!
  • We need to do promotions on each platform for different target groups.
  • What makes us extra special? With each delivery comes a recycle guide to make sure nothing goes to waste. We sometimes give ecological advice over on our Instagram page (or blog articles on our website). We show how our items are made. I haven’t found a lor of ecological brands that are colorful and playful (we are).

We have a lot planned for 2019 so don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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