For my study course, Network economy, I have to do a lot of networking (duh). So here’s a page dedicated to that.

  • Networking at events
    For Brainfog, my business, I sell at events from time to time. Those events are the perfect opportunity to meet new people. I always exchange information with other business owners. This year I had a stand at an ecomarket, Makerskraam (Lochristi) and Esty – made local Gent. I met a lot of interesting people that I might do a collaboration with in the future! Talking to like-minded people makes me so happy and inspired. It’s always better to create stuff with other people instead of doing everything by yourself.

  • Bedrijven Contactdagen
    For school I went to Bedrijven Contactdagen 2018 in Waregem. A lot of companies promoted themselves to business minded people. I talked to some people about Brainfog and some of them offered to help me with a service or product. I had the most interest in companies that print on items like reusable bottles and totebags. I collected some business cards so I can later on contact the companies I was interested in the most.

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