On this page I will talk a bit about my experience with working in a team. I have done a lot of collaborations this year and I learned a lot about myself. Here are some conclusions:

  • Communication isn’t my strongest point. People need to be very clear to me or I’ll don’t understand. I don’t like it at all when people ignore me!
  • I’m always on time with all my tasks and planning is very important to me.
  • It can sometimes be hard to do something out of my comfort zone but I like to learn new things.
  • I’m strong at doing design/illustration/brainstorming/… and I like to take the lead when it comes to that.

Examples of collaborations:

I also took the Belbin test. I scored the highest on Monitor Evaluator. I don’t think this is¬†entirely true because that would mean I’m very judgmental and perfectionistic. I pretty quickly come to decisions supposed to what my result is saying. I do however want to take care of certain parts of the assignment myself, because I’m very independent when it comes to work. Because of this I scored aggressive on the Rose of Leary. This is probably because of my autism! When I work in a team I want clear agreements so that I know what I can focus on. I’m not the best at sharing an assignment with someone else, but I definitely improved over the years!

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