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Four other students and I worked on a prototype / concept that could help people at the care home next to my campus. On the first day we interviewed Willy, an 80 year old man who likes to go for a walk with his wife who sits in a wheelchair. We came up with Cheely (Willy + wheel + chair), a portable chair that can be attached to the wheel of a wheelchair, so he can take a seat next to his wife when he gets tired.

As a bonus I designed a brochure for people in wheelchairs who like to go for a walk, with a map showing some interesting areas (uncomfortable roads, toilets, cafes,…).

At the end of the week our group won an award for our project! A big thanks to my teammates: Wiebe Van Gansbeke, Jeanneke Verdonck, Emma Verslyppe and Alana Muylaert.

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