Etsy Market @ Ghent

In December I signed up for an Etsy market at Ghent. It would be my first ‘big’ event, because I had to pay to sell there.

My boyfriend and I arrived just in time at the location and it was very cold (the entire day). We set up everything and took a look at the other stands. We noticed our items were very Summer-ish, because we didn’t have time or money to produce winter products. We had a lot of items targeted towards children, like pins and stickers, so we decided to focus on them.

When the event started a lot of people came by (a lot of tourists as it was in the center of Ghent). But we didn’t really sell much in the beginning. My boyfriend’s mom arrived so she could help us talk to people, because we are both very shy. That helped a lot and more and more people showed interest in our items.

We also sold some of our t-shirts. Children really seemed to like our pins and stickers (as planned) so that was very nice as well.

I also talked to other stand holders about their business and it was very inspiring and fun to get to know them. I got some business cards in case I wanted to collaborate in the future.

In the end we earned some money and I got all excited to do more events in the future.

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