Indie Business Tips with Eva #01 | Why, How & Who

Watch the video first, we’ll give some advice to help you with your why, how and who in this blogpost. We learned a lot about this because of Indie Roller. We really recommend to follow them on social media or even become a member of their group.

If you’re not convinced by how important your ‘Why’ is, you should read ‘Start with why’ by Simon Sinek. I’m reading it at the moment and it opened a world for me! Simon also does ted talks and wrote some other books as well. Definitely recommend!

Some questions you can ask yourself are: Why did I start my business? What do I believe in in life? What do I want to be known for? If you know answers to these you are closer to finding your why, but it can take a lot of time and it can be a long description.

After that it’s time to think about your values. These should match up with your ‘Why’. You can find a list of business values here. Start with ten core values. Afterwards scrap some until you’re left with five or even three values for your business. Later you can use this values to create a checklist for social media posts, blogposts, videos,… to be sure the content you create matches your brand.

Who are you going to sell for? At school I learned to work with personas. These are made up (but realistic) people that are relevant to your brand or product. So create your perfect costumer and write down everything about them. If you know details about them you can take advantage of that. I found this really cute site where you can create your persona.

Don’t forget to think about the costumer journey. What is your user experiencing when they first visit your site, order a product, use one of your services,… What could go wrong? What do they really enjoy? Make sure every journey ends in a positive way so your costumer can be happy about your brand.

That were all our tips for this blogpost! Let us know if you’d like to read / view more content like this. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and to follow us on instagram. Have a good day or night, byebye!

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