Eva Baete is a 22 year old student living in Kortrijk, Belgium. She studies Devine and Network Economics at Howest. Graphic design is one of her passions. She is the owner of Brainfog, a company that focusses on eco friendly design and illustration. She doesn’t have much free time left, but when she does she makes YouTube video’s, goes for a walk now and then, spends time with het boyfriend and appreciates food. She’s interested in living a more eco-friendly and mindful life.

Here you can view her resume.

Fun facts about Eva:

  • She has asperger (autism), which basically means she’s a genius.
  • She lives together with her boyfriend in Kortrijk.
  • One of her wishes is to illustrate a children’s book.
  • She’s a vegetarian.
  • Every small effort to safe the world is very important to her.

Brainfog studio | Illustration and Design

Personality tests:

If you really really want to know everything about me, I’ll explain myself with the help of some personality tests I did.

  1. Big Five
    There are five personality traits that you get scored on. I scored average on negative emotions, being open and conscientiousness. According to this test I’m extraverted and leading. I’m usually introverted, but when it comes to working in a group I like to take the lead. When it comes to my work I try to be as extraverted as possible! If you want to be a business lady you need to be social and interact with people to enlarge your network. I learned to promote myself and it has definitely helped my personal growth.
  2. 16 personalities test
    The next test I did was the 16 personalities test. I’m an advocate, someone who wants to safe the world and who is very passionate. I can really find myself in this role. I heard it’s the rarest personality type and sometimes I feel kind of misunderstood. However, when I find like-minded people it really clicks between us! I can appear as very naive and I understand that. I basically want to solve every problem on this planet and that’s not possible. With Brainfog I want to sell products and donate some money to charity! If you want to know the ins and outs of this personality type, you can read everything here.

And here’s my e-mail signature in case you wondered:

And here is a creative presentation of me (representing I’m a dreamer):

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